If you are a fan of olive oil and the unconventional, then this one is for you. Being different while maintaining the highest quality are the principles under which the new Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Jaén was born.

The ACyT team had a clear idea when they embarked on their journey in the olive oil industry. Their aim was to distinguish themselves by being innovative, lively, and creative, all while upholding the highest standards of quality.

I recognized the importance of ensuring that the final products—particularly the logo and the bottle—radiated a sense of playfulness, setting them apart from the more traditional olive oil packaging. A vibrant color palette, organic shapes reminiscent of olive trees and fields, and a custom-made font for the lettermark were the ideal combination to help us attain our objective.

Project scope

Brand Identity Workshop

Custom Logo

Custom Labelling
Visual Identity

Associated Type & Colours



Dynamic and fresh.


From the beginning, we understood the vital significance of creating a logo that left a lasting impression. Drawing inspiration from the artistry involved in crafting olive oil, we embraced a brushstroke effect for the custom lettermark. Its dynamic and creative approach not only ensures easy recall but also lends itself seamlessly to integration across all facets of the brand.



Bitterness and spiciness are in perfect balance, making it elegant, with a pleasant mouthfeel that doesn’t lose the typical green notes of an early harvest oil.




Combining tasting notes characteristic of the Picual variety such as tomato plant with other more distinctive ones, creating a complete sensory experience.



It doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, organic mountain olive groves, a distinct astringency due to its high antioxidant content that makes it unique.

Crafted from sustainable and recyclable materials, the bottle is not only environmentally responsible but also presents itself with an aura of elegance and exclusivity.


The Box

Dynamic and fresh.



For the “AOVE” lovers


“We were thoroughly impressed with both the process and the exceptional quality of work delivered by Dani. When we say ‘process,’ we’re referring to Dani’s unwavering commitment to ensuring our complete satisfaction with the final product. We wholeheartedly recommend Dani Tinez to anyone seeking top-notch services!

Juan Carlos Hervás

Founder and SEO

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